Accept, Embrace, & Become.

The drive to understand human behavior has established some addiction in my world. Co-dependent sadness with an all you can eat smorgasbord of stories, some fresh and some some fried. Always another story. Life gives us meaningful opportunities to reinvent and transform. I feel that is why we are here; to learn, grow, and heal. When one alters perception, maybe then with intention, the energetic layers of existence are able to transmute from thick to thin or perhaps the ladder and back again. How do you feel about accepting who you are in this moment; this one very second, in this very cross-section of time and space? Where’d you go? What did you see? Do you accept, embrace, and become who you are?

I continue to find ways to be at peace with in myself. There’s much I am learning from my shadow and light too. It takes courage, strength, and I feel purpose is just the surface. I feel there’s always a part of us that’s waiting to learn, grow and heal. These parts of us communicate the best way they can. It takes a brave awareness to go within and listen. Diffused information/energy can at times become distorted when the flow of energy/information is limited, blocked or disconnected. The more aligned I am with self-compassion, the easier I embody myself, my truth, and more creative energy flows naturally.

What gives you a clear indication of how you truly feel inside? What do you do about it? How’s that working out for you? This is a great start to decide if it’s time to go deep with self-inquiry or remain in the shallow end. Reading what I write is a good indicator how how things are going within me, so I write, but sometimes I don’t. The more time goes by without writing the more out of wack and less balanced I feel. Is there something you naturally excel at or perhaps you’re skilled in as well that creates meaning in your life? But for some reason since one cannot make time, it doesn’t get done. If that sounds true for you, what are you doing about it? How’s that working out for you? What gives you a clear indication of how you truly feel inside? Let’s chat. 

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