I am Serial Muse

Hi, I’m Julie Voice also known as Serial Muse.

One purpose I serve through my heart is to be a well-spring of inspiration. I look forward to listening, learning and joining with you on this creative journey.

I trust myself and believe living through my heart is the best possible way to live. I believe in myself so I may believe in you.

I’m focusing my growth mind-set and edification to further my heart’s dreams. This includes offering a safe space to explore your gifts. I’ve been a healing artist masquerading as a marketing/admin professional for a long time. Natural gifts that I was terrified of and did my best to deny most of my life. With a long-held curiosity about creativity and holistic health I’ve sought out and enlisted the help of many teachers along the way and I’m so happy to be able to share these transmuted gems of consciousness with you.

I feel the most natural and loving support manifests itself as being present and truly listening, such remarkable kindness. When I feel really heard and seen by someone I feel deep support and connection. The more I can do that for myself and others the more I feel at peace with all life. I have found myself right where I need to be, each day routinely working on what lifts the frequency of my heart, creating a space for divergent thoughts to flow onto the page, through the stroke of a brush, as poetry elevates, in all that shapes and colors our human experience. We can all use some support, and I look forward to working together.

December 2019 at Sac Natural Foods Co-op
photo by Melissa Dale
Serial Muse publishing. Serial Muse Chronicles. photo by Julie Voice

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