Connect the dots…

I am here to join you in cultivating, collaborating, and celebrating, a heart centered way of life satisfying creative ambitions. I embrace who you are right now from the heart, not speaking from a script of lines. You are an integrated symphony of experiences and ideas. Let’s fill our world with what senses desire’s us to create. It will mean at times making messes and some may perceive playing reckless. But I believe it is your birthright to live a life full of boundless options, solutions and revolutions. Live your best life for your heart through your art, whatever that may be for you. The art of healing, editing, educating, painting, blogging, acting, writing, dancing, public speaking, inventing, designing; just to name a few. Allow yourself to do what it is you feel you were born to do. We need you.

A little about me…

I am not only the founder of Serial Muse, but I am also my best client. I feel it has been necessary for learning, healing, and growth, that I actively honor living my process by re-discovering, rescuing, and restoring my relationship with self. Having a healthy relationship with all the parts, thoughts, and feels of me that are clamoring to express creative life-force. I need to be able to first and foremost trust in myself and believe that process is possible. I believe in myself so I may believe in you. Once I escaped my cocoon of martyrdom and unraveled more addictions that have held form as workaholism, control, emotional eating, toxic co-dependency; I learned how to ask for help. I’ve enlisted the help of many people along the way which has a delightful and much desired side effect of creating meaningful moments and healthy relationships with all of life. I love what Eric Maisel says about support;
“Support can mean many things and can manifest itself it many ways but the synonym that captures its central meaning is compassion and its most profound manifestation is kindness.”

I feel the most natural and loving support manifests itself as being present and truly listening, such remarkable kindness. When I feel really heard and seen by someone I feel a deep support and connection. The more I can do that for myself and others the more I feel at peace with all life. I have found myself right where I need to be, each day routinely working on what lifts the frequency of my heart, creating a space for divergent thoughts to flow onto the page, through the stroke of a brush, as poetry elevates, in all that shapes and colors our human experience. We can all use some support, it’s amazing what a simple phone call or smile can have.

Get Into Your Feelings.

 Where is your source of expression? Have you experienced it, can you feel it? How may you manifest it? It takes love and connection. Write your own stories. Paint the skies. We are here now. So let’s shred tears of glory on amps turned to up to 11. Turn gun metal into art made by compassion, skill, and bravery. Make more commemorations of visages from history like the Berlin Wall, The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, acknowledging first nation peoples and honoring their expression, more of that yes, more of that. Peacefully protest and dance at your local dive bar. Instantly take pictures of temporary forevers and see if they’ll hang them in your local coffee shop. Captured are only the imaginations of limitation. Fashion your passion. What is your whole body dying for you to say? There must be balance in all this stimulating entropic state we find ourselves in. Right?

Julie Voice

Founder & CEO

 Each day I set an intention that one of the multitudinal purposes in this world is to serve others as a well-spring of inspiration and guide of creative wellness, living through the heart my most compassionate life.

A regular daily practice, whether accomplished first thing or at some
other time of the day, becomes an anchor in a sea of chaos. Action step: create
and institute a daily practice that supports your life purposes.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ― Robert Bryne

Next Steps…

Let’s start with a brief email conversation. Documenting your progress one of the smartest things that you can do is not just getting out of your comfort zone, and finding passion, but document your progress along the way. Take pictures, write notes, doodle in a notebook, and make sure that you write down what you’ve felt, what you’ve seen, and where you’ve been. Please, I want to hear more of your healing journey and what you are most passionate about in this world: